hormone doctor Stamford, CT

Trusted Natural Hormone Balancing for Stamford, Greenwich & New Canaan, CT

Bluestone Health Group was formed to bring empathy, understanding, and real solutions to health care, combating 21st century disease with science and nutrition, all to help people reach their maximum potential.


hormone doctor Stamford, Greenwich & New Canaan, CT

Dr. Kurt Waples and Georgina McNiff are health advocates and detoxification specialists. As a team, they have brought lifestyle medicine to the Greater New York City and Fairfield County areas since 2014.  When they opened Bluestone Health Group, never did they think their health practice would become so incredibly successful, so quickly. It is their joy and passion to help health conscious individuals achieve their goals. Their philosophy and dedication to health, medicine and diet includes a balanced diet of whole foods, vitamins, quarterly detoxification, regular exercise, sauna and meditation.

Natural Hormone Balancing Philosophy

Bluestone Health Group is dedicated to creating positive change in the body as fast as possible while incorporating health habits to help all clients reach their goals and then sustain results. Empathetic, effective, and results driven life care is what drives Bluestone Health Group into the 21st century. All treatment options, either nutritional or structural are of a ‘first do no harm’ strategy. We believe this is what healthcare should be based on.

Bluestone Health Group has the pleasure of offering their consulting services to gyms, CrossFit centers, Wellness Centers, and non-health Corporate companies all over Fairfield County CT, Westchester County NY and Manhattan NY. For more information regarding consulting services or to bring Bluestone Health Group to your offices, contact us at info@bluestonehealthgroup.com.
Dr. Kurt Waples system of Body Comp Analytics has gotten national attention. He currently entertains offers to speak at seminars that fit with and compliment the Bluestone Health Group philosophy. See AskDrKurt.com for a current list of Dr. Kurt’s upcoming seminars in the United States.
Bluestone Health Group is headquartered in the heart of downtown at 47 Oak Street in Stamford, CT just a few minutes away from the train station. In 2016 Bluestone announced the opening of their first affiliate office located at 505 Greenwich Avenue in West Village/Tribeca area of Manhattan, New York.