Dr. Kurt Waples

Dr. Kurt Waples

Dr. Kurt Waples is a chiropractor who uses Applied Kinesiology and clinical or functional nutrition. He has spent years learning from the smartest minds in clinical nutrition, detoxification, anti-aging strategies, pain management, and many more. It is this knowledge and passion for learning from the best that has given him the unique skills to help a wide range of conditions from pain management to obesity and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Kurt Waples grew up in the midwest, seeing first hand the irreplaceable role diet plays in body composition, and ultimately total health. From the toxic farm fields in Nebraska to the chronic obesity and estrogen toxicity problems in Minnesota, Dr. Waples has seen sickness and it’s direct effects on the American population since a very early age.

One semester into school Dr. Waples saw that chiropractic was by no means the solution to the problem. So many people weren’t healthy enough for chiropractic to even work. Their tissues and structures, not healthy enough to hold physical adjustments.

The inside of the body must be healthy enough for chiropractic to have significant effect.

While working at a “wellness clinic” in Westchester Dr. Waples quickly learned that many of his peers in the industry viewed health as a commodity. He was shocked to find doctors implementing simple nutrition and pain management plans that would keep patients coming into the office for months and months when just a few visits could have fixed the issue entirely. It became clear that patient health was not number one in many offices around the country, but that financial gain as a result of peoples health issues was.

Dr. Waples’s journey lead him to the conclusion that functional medicine and clinical nutrition were the answers to helping his patients achieve long lasting results. This is why Bluestone Health Group was formed. To bring clinical nutrition and chiropractic care to the masses, with the only agenda of getting people as healthy as possible, in the least amount of time as possible, following our only rule of ‘first do no harm.’