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The Body Comp Analytics system was developed by Dr. Kurt Waples as a way to assess, measure and optimize the human body. It utilizes over 50 different parameters including tissue health, body fat, muscle mass, water content, fluid distribution, hormone function, and many more. The purpose of all of this data is to prioritize hormone function and find the best path to PEAK HEALTH.


The Thyroid system is by far the most complex hormone system in the body. It is one of the most common issues many people present to Bluestone Health Group with. Common symptoms are lack of energy and focus, inability to lose weight, always being cold or intolerant to cold weather, inability to get motivated, constipation, excess fat accumulation, etc. If you aren’t feeling 100% PEAK HEALTH, odds are there is something going on with your thyroid system.

There are 6 major systems in your body that all contribute and are absolutely necessary for optimal thyroid function.

  • Iron deficiency and anemia
  • Immune System Function and Balance
  • Autoimmunity/Hashimoto’s
  • Adrenal Function and Stress Burnout
  • Tissue Health (T4==>T3 conversion)
  • Thyroid Lifestyle

If any one or more of these system’s isn’t fully optimized your thyroid gland and hormones function will not be functioning at its best.

Have you ever thought you had a thyroid problem, only to have your doctor tell you your thyroid is fine? Do you feel sluggish and have a lack of energy? Are you cold all the time? Do you have a foggy brain in the morning or maybe even all day? Do you not feel good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Body Comp Analytics is the right choice for you. It takes an in depth analysis to really dive into thyroid function and the full thyroid system.

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Dr. Kurt has written a few in depth articles on thyroid hormone and lectures around the country on this very topic. Below are some links to a few of his seminars and articles.

Thyroid lab explanations –

Thyroid Lifestyle > GLC20019 Free Download – if we can get this link set up somehow? I know the people, we can email them and see if they can release it or something?


Testosterone is typically thought of as the ‘man’ hormone. It is also the main the indicator of good health for men. When testosterone is men can be depressed, have low libido, low muscle mass, bad sleep, inability to handle stress, gain fat, lose hair becoming bald, and more.

Testosterone requires many factors to become optimal and ultimately remain optimal. Food intake, nutrient status, exercise frequency and selection, hydration, sleep, mental drive, sex and many more all play a role.

If you are NOT feeling your best and want to get a gauge of your testosterone status and ultimately total health outlook, call us today.

Dr. Kurt has many different articles related to testosterone and its function. Check them out!

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