Breathing is the most important aspect of all living. You can live without food and water for a while, but how long can you go without breathing? Not very long. That being said, this is one of the main issues I see in all people, and it is one of the top tenants of health. If you aren’t breathing properly, your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen, your body isn’t detoxing and you are not at your peak health. Breathing properly and deeply is the best way to destress in any situation. – The diaphragm, ribs, whole spine, posture and gait pattern are all pivotal when it comes to the structure of breathing. Stress response, neurotransmitters, iron and hormone balance area maximally important for the biochemistry of breathing. Finally, mental outlook and physical practice are required to maximize this vital component of living. Bluestone Health Group specializes in assessing and creating plans to maximize breathing, which ultimately will make every single part of your body and life better.