Diet & Lifestyle Medicine

Customization Comes First
Bluestone Health Group is proud to offer the gold standard in lifestyle counseling services. There is no one-size fits all and Bluestone does not operate under one strict set of guidelines. Recommendations are driven by results gained from the Body Comp Analytics assessment. Bluestone offers lifestyle counseling environmental detox, sleep hygiene, fitness counseling, diet planning and other areas of professional concern.

Why Lifestyle & Diet Counseling?
21st century living has advanced us in many ways but being the healthiest we have ever been is not one of them. Today we are sicker than any other time in history. Bluestone Health Group has been formed to help combat 21st century diseases and sicknesses. Although intensive detoxification methods are our primary form of treatment, it is invaluable to be on a program in between times of intensive detox. Bluestone Health Group offers the very best in cutting edge diet planning and lifestyle counseling to help you further your health goals and maintain progression.