Improved Technique and Range of Movement

Mobility training can have benefits to your form. When your muscles and joints are more flexible, then you can achieve an increased range of motion. This allows you to perform your exercises and workouts with a better technique. Consider if you have tight leg muscles, then you might struggle to hit a lower depth in your squat or perform a deadlift with correct posture.

A More Effective Warmup

Many people tend to confuse mobility with a simple warmup. However, mobility training can actually benefit your workout in a way that a quick warm-up cannot. During mobility training, your blood moving to the surrounding tissues. Synovial fluid, is the fluid in our joints and it helps them to glide more freely, and is carried into the working joints. An example of this would be to perform hip circles to warm up the hips. The blood is transported to the hip flexors, glutes and external rotators, which are the muscles that move the leg. Synovial fluid lubricates the hip in preparation for exercise.

Reduced Risk of Injury

One of the biggest mobility training benefits is the reduced risk of injury. If there is any restriction to a moving joint, then there is a high risk of injury, especially if you like to lift heavy.

The Importance of Mobility

Mobility is essential because it prepares our bodies for the stress of training. It is a vital contributor to reducing the risk of injuries as well as improving technique and range of movement. It is important to note that strength alone isn’t enough to have good mobility.

Many go straight to the weights without considering mobility training.

Commonly, an individual will walk into the gym, go straight to the resistance area and begin lifting. At best, they may do a quick 5 minute warm-up on an exercise bike or elliptical trainer. The warm-should not be neglected. This being said, it is the bit in between that warm up and hitting the weights room that is important. This is where mobility training comes in. We will now discuss the mobility training benefits that all gym users should take advantage of.

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