Pain Elimination

Examination & Identification
Pain Elimination at Bluestone Health Group identifies imbalance and weakness, then seeks correction. Pain is a symptom of imbalance. It can be the result of a trauma or an indication of a faulty body mechanics movement pattern.

Pain is rarely felt where the actual problem is. For example, an imbalance in the foot may present itself as low back pain! This is one of the reasons the pain management industry is so large (everybody is in pain) yet so ineffective (nobody is looking in the right place to fix the pain). Pain is a result of dysfunction. Dr. Kurt Waples uses Applied Kinesiology to assess muscles and ultimately find the pattern of dysfunction. It is only when the pattern is found, that it can it be properly  treated.

Treatment Technique
One of the biggest problems plaguing our society is chronic pain. Dr. Kurt Waples applies a variety of techniques including advanced kinesiology (AK), injury recall (IRT), active release technique (ART), chiropractic and neurologic pain relief.

There is a large emphasis placed on nutrition for all pain patients. Bluestone Health Group recognises chronic pain as an issue often stemming and or affected cellular and tissue health of the patient.  Bluestone Health Group uses professional guidelines to determine If a patient’s tissue is healthy enough at a cellular level to maintain physical manipulation or activation after  clinical care. Application of clinical nutritional services alongside physical and neurological pain management techniques helps ensures long-term patient pain relief and success.