The 7(21) Detox

The 7(21) Detox
The 7(21) Detox is an intensive detoxification week followed by a 21-day maintenance program. All 7(21) programs are completely customized. Customization of patient programming is dependent upon results reported following the Body Comp Analytics assessment. Following the intensive 7-day period Bluestone Health Group sherpas clients into the 21-day maintenance portion of the program. Specific diet and lifestyle counseling is given for these weeks to ensure the continued success of the patient.

Why We Chose Detox as our Primary Method of Treatment
An interesting study was published in the 90’s and it talked about the signs and symptoms of chronic poisoning. The signs of chronic poisoning were found to be the same seen everyday in medical offices and homes around the country, fatigue, headaches, inability to lose weight and many more…

Bluestone Health Group uses detoxification as a baseline for treatment. Conventional medicine looks to add and add substances and drugs into the body in order to elicit change. Bluestone Health Group has a different approach. We utilize the latest in detoxification and biotransformation techniques to help pull toxic substances out of the body. When toxins are eliminated from the body, energy systems work more efficiently and create a happier and healthier environment in the body.

Why The Emphasis on Removing Toxins
There are over 80,000 registered chemicals in the atmosphere, and for the most part, the information and science is lacking in regards to how they affect the human body, as well as our environment. Toxins have been linked to almost every disease imaginable on some level or mechanism. Toxins are direct mitochondrial poisons, meaning they drastically affect how your body produces the energy it needs to live and thrive.

Science over the past 20 years has identified a huge number of specific toxic compounds, ubiquitous to the environment that fall into the category of endocrine disruptors or excitotoxins. Those terms refer to toxins which either affect the brain, or the the way your body produces and uses hormones. Once we are able to rid the body of toxicity, many ailments resolve themselves without pharmacological treatment or disease progression.